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Welcome to Global Digital Lab, your one-stop destination for creative excellence and digital solutions. At Global Digital Lab, we specialize in transforming ideas into reality through our array of services. With a passion for precision and innovation, we excel in Embroidery Digitizing, bringing your artistic visions to life with meticulous detail and expert craftsmanship. Our Vectorizing service transforms ordinary images into scalable masterpieces, ensuring your graphics retain their brilliance across all dimensions.

In the realm of the virtual, our Web Designing service crafts captivating online experiences, blending aesthetics with user-friendly functionality. Meanwhile, our Web Development expertise powers these experiences with cutting-edge technology, creating seamless interactions that leave a lasting impact. As Global Digital Lab, we take pride in our commitment to quality, originality, and client satisfaction. Join us on this digital journey, where imagination knows no bounds and innovation knows no limits.



$4 / First Order
(up to 30k Stitches)

  • Left Chest , Hat/Cap ,Sleeves & any logo Up to 5 inches wide or height
    Flat US $6.00
  • Designs Greater Than 5 inches wide or height (Example: Jacket Back) Simple And Easy Flat US $ 15.00
  • Designs Greater Than 5 inches wide or height (Example: Jacket Back) Hard & Complicated Flat US $ 35.0
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$6 /First Vector
  • First Order $6 Addresses
  • Easy Vector Flat Us $ 8.00
  • Normal Vector Flat Us $ 12.00
  • Complicated or Hard Vector Flat Us $ 20. To $ 65
  • Urgent service & Edit Free
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$6 / First Order
(up to 30k Stitches)
  • First Order (up to 30k Stitches) $6
  • Per 1000 stitches US $0.60x
  • Maximum charge (Example: Jacket Back) US $ 35.00
  • Urgent service & Edit Free
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Left Chest/Hat Logo Digitizing

Experience left chest and hat embroidery digitization at its finest with Global Digital Lab. Perfected using Wilcom software, our designs blend creativity with precision. Elevate your branding with impeccable stitching, ensuring your logos grace garments and hats in a class of their own. Elevate your style with us.

Aplique digitizing

Global Digital Lab, Elevate your creations with Global Digital Lab's impeccable appliqué embroidery digitizing, meticulously crafted using Wilcom software. Our mastery in blending textures and colors breathes life into your designs, turning fabrics into vibrant tapestries of art. Trust us to bring your appliqué visions to vibrant, textured reality.

Graphics Designing

Global Digital Lab offers top-notch graphic designing services. Our creative team brings concepts to life with compelling visuals, encompassing everything from logos and branding materials to promotional graphics. With a blend of innovation and design expertise, we craft graphics that resonate with your audience, leaving a lasting impact on your brand's identity.

Web Development

Global Digital Lab excels in web development. Our team crafts dynamic websites and applications that marry seamless functionality with compelling user experiences. From e-commerce platforms to interactive portals, we leverage cutting-edge technology to bring your digital visions to life, delivering excellence in every line of code.

Vector Art

Global Digital Lab excels at converting raster images to vector and screen printing, including precise color separation. We transform images into sharp, scalable vectors, while our meticulous color separation ensures vibrant prints. Elevate your designs with our expertise, making them pop vividly on different materials through impeccable screen printing.

Jacket Back

Global Digital Lab specializes in digitizing larger images for jacket backs. Our expertise ensures that detailed designs and live images translate flawlessly onto fabric. Whether it's logos, artwork, or intricate visuals, we transform your concepts into stunning embroidered realities, adding a touch of sophistication to every garment.


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+92 335 2646059

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